Different Types of Bra for Women

It is a well know fact that women are extremely conscious about their bra. They want their bra to be comfortable and perfectly fitted. Nowadays, women have become much more aware about the different bra types so that they can pick the right one for the right time so as to provide basic care to their breasts. Knowledge on different types of bras will help you to make decision about which bras are best for you. If you want to have a look at different types of bra for women, you can log onto Majorbrands. This online shopping store houses an extraordinary collection of bras from La Senza brand.

1. Backless Bra: The backless bra are a kind of bra that has no back and are perfect option to wear under backless dresses and backless clothing. These type of bras are generally lightweight, self adhesive and self supporting. Therefore, they are most ideal for women with smaller breast sizes who need less support. The colors of this type of bra is often neutral or flesh color, so that you can wear it under sheer and low cut clothing.
2. Strapless Bra: Strapless bras are with no shoulder strap and are designed for dresses which reveal the shoulders.
3. Transparent Bra: These type of bras are similar to other types of bras. The only difference in these type of bras is that they have either transparent straps or back. These type of bras are perfect option to wear under tube, deep neck or backless tops.
4. T shirt Bra: The cups of this type of bra are usually padded to hit the nipples from view and to present the a smooth look of a breast. These are perfect for everyday use. These bras are not only meant for t-shirt and can be worn with any top or dress where you want to give the bust a smoother look.

5. Push up Bra: These bras are designed in such a way that it lifts the breasts and add shape to them. These bras are structured in such a way that it show off cleavage. The padding of such bras are mostly either foam, rubber or gel. They are self supporting and are perfect for breasts of all sizes.
6. Sports Bra: These bras are particularly made for growing teens as they stop the breasts from moving. This type of bra provide the full support to the breasts. It is a perfect option for women who engage in sports or are going to gym.

Along with these, there are many other different types of bra. To have a look on more varieties of bras.
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